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AccuSure and Dr. Gene are registered trademarks of Microgene Diagnostic Systems Pvt. Ltd. Microgene is a trans-national broad-based health care company devoted to new technologies and new ways to manage health. MicroGene has been driven by a clear objective to bring in medical technology to help people live healthier lives. This objective drives our work. It’s a commitment to specializing in what matters most life and also the potential it holds when we are feeling our best. MicroGene is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


The diagnosis of a condition or disease is one of the most crucial links in medicine. Well-timed & right diagnosis can mean the difference between early interventions and missed restorative opportunities, between patient admission and discharge, between relief of symptoms and drawn out suffering, and, in the gravest instances, between life and death. Striving for sustained growth, we have adopted a strategy that encompasses the diagnostic gamut from laboratory diagnostics to point-of-care diagnostics to self-care. Through our continuous efforts, we bring products to market, and educate clinicians and patients on new approaches to diagnosis and monitoring, thereby benefiting everyone. Better healthcare begins with better diagnosis. Better diagnosis begins with MicroGene. We, at MicroGene believe that finding superior and quicker ways to achieve accurate diagnosis and monitoring can potentially improve patient management, lead to earlier therapeutic intervention and reduce the costs associated with indecision, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.


Our commitment to improving life extends to the fact that we understand that as a provider of innovative health care products, we have a responsibility and opportunity to ensure people have access to them. Our commitment is our compass – guiding us in our actions and decision making, to ensure we live up to the high expectations we’ve set for ourselves to serve our customers better.
Our commitment challenges us to continuously improve and inspires us to always aim higher. The commitment of our company is in the commitment that our work holds for health and life. Our commitment is to the medical fraternity and patients, to all who use our products and services. We must strive to bring cutting-edge technologies and products that hold the potential for improvements to health and the practice of health care.
We must endeavor to win and sustain the faith of those we serve by committing the highest norms of quality backed up by a behavior branded by honesty and truthfulness. We must constantly strive to maintain reasonable prices by cutting down our costs without compromising our quality. Our partners in business must have a prospect to make fair gains.
We are committed to helping our employees fulfill their family responsibilities by offering them reasonable and ample compensation.
We must offer capable management, and their actions must be for the betterment of all concerned. We are guided in our work by a commitment to building on opportunities that significantly improve health and the practice of health care.