Monitoring Blood Glucose with Test Strips

AccuSure Blood Glucose Test Strips

To start with the basics, blood glucose test strips are a part of the diabetes care home kit. Test strips along with a glucose meter allow patients with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose level at home anytime. AccuSure test strips can be bought separately and comes along with the test kit. You can easily test your glucose levels and get results in just a few seconds. To take a blood sugar test, one has to insert the test strip into the meter and collect a small amount of blood on the strip to achieve the reading. The meter will show a number that will reflect the current blood glucose level of the tester. All the meters show the result in a few seconds. Some are even capable of storing data. Strips and meters are two essential elements of the diabetes management program for all patients and those who just want to keep a check on their blood sugar levels.

AccuSure blood glucose test strips are designed to give you the most accurate reading. But how does it work?

The functioning of the blood glucose test strips:

If you are a diabetes patient, your doctor has probably recommended you to keep a constant check on your blood sugar levels, and hence you probably know the drill. The test strip goes into the meter. The lancet pricks the ski, the strip collects a drop of blood, and the meter shows you the result.

The technology may look small and simple, but its actual functioning is not as simple. The test strip plays a major role for the meter to be able to reflect the result.

The test strip contains chemicals. These chemicals react with the glucose present in the blood and convert it into an electric current. The electrons generated then travel to the meter. Then the meter calculates the amount of glucose based on how much electric current was produced upon reaction. And then, after a few seconds of calculation, your blood sugar level is displayed on the screen. There are super thin layers present in the strip that helps in the whole process.

AccuSure test strips are designed to check blood sugar levels on the go. It is easy to use and requires just a drop of blood to conduct the test. Now you can keep a check on your blood glucose level without any hassle in your home.